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The RGB Dial

The RGB dial is used to customize the coloring of items and characters on different menus.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The RGB dial is used to change the following items:

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Customization of colors using the RGB dial isn't an intuitive system. There is an outer color ring and an inner triangle shape.

There are three numbers at 12 o'clock (R), 4 o'clock (B), and 7 o'clock (G). The numbers for R - Red, G - Green, and B - Blue go from 0 to 1000.

The outer color circle can be rotated. The color on the outer circle that lines up with the 12 o'clock point of the triangle will be the hue that the triangle takes on.

The inner triangle allows you to move a circle around the triangle.

  • The 12 o'clock point is full color.
  • The 4 o'clock point is full white.
  • The 7 o'clock point is full black.

The exact location of the circle inside the triangle will be a combination of "color" from the outer ring, white, and black.

You are unable to type in the numbers like other color systems.

RGB Conversion[edit | edit source]

GIMP Color Picker

The RGB dial is a form of color picker that allows selecting custom colors. Many software programs that allow changing of color schemes have at least one type of color picker.

Unlike traditional RGB color systems that go from 0 to 255, the Mass Effect: Andromeda color picker has finer graduations from 0 to 1000. Because of this change, using third-party software to find a color scheme you like and importing those numbers isn't as simple.

It is possible to open third-party software, find an RGB color scheme with 0 to 255 numbers and convert them into 0 to 1000 numbers. The numbers will be pretty close but may have to be rounded up or down to get whole numbers as color pickers only allow the entry of whole numbers.

The RGB dial at the top of the page is showing 968 for R, G, & B values. Using the proportional formula X/255 = Y/1000, it is possible to convert from one system to the other. Solving the equation for X will allow the conversion to a normal RGB value. X = 255 * (Y/1000). In the 968 case, solve the equation and the solution is 246.84 (rounded up to 247).

Mass Effect: Andromeda 968, 968, 968 is equivalent to 247, 247, 247 in a normal color picker system.

To convert from a normal 0 to 255 RGB color picker number (X) into a Mass Effect: Andromeda 0 to 1000 number (Y), use the following formula. Y = 1000 * (X/255).