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RE: Checking in

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RE: Checking in
RE: Checking in
Location Havarl

RE: Checking in is a terminal entry found on a Roekaar Communications terminal next to the Roekaar Genetic Research Log in the Ancient Courtyard on Havarl.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:

This is a surprise—I didn't expect to hear from you. I guess they called you back to the base, then. Good. You deserve a rest after what you've been through.

We're still on our assignment. I can't tell you more, obviously, since you're not part of us anymore. But we're slowly pushing the kett back. And I hear there's been a new development involving an outsider. At this rate, Commander might even call us back early.

And about the other thing you asked… no, I can't. I respect you for following your beliefs, but I don't share them. The Resistance needs me, and I intend to see this fight through to the end. You made our choice, and I made mine. It doesn't make me love you any less. And when this is all over, we'll meet at the tavetaan for a drink.

I hope the stars are on your side. I want to see you come back in one piece, okay?


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