RE: AI Detector?

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Re: AI Detector?
Re: AI Detector?
Location Kadara

Re: AI Detector? is one of the Datapads found in Katherine Nigh's sanctuary in the Varren's Scalp region on Kadara during The Firefighters.

Text[edit | edit source]


Thank you for the ELIZA data! It's so obvious when you run a comparison. The geth, the SAMs—all our data shows that working AI produce a detectable electromagnetic pattern. It's similar to brain activity in organic life: different cases but a distinct signature. I even tested it against a basic VI—they're not even close!

So, blathering aside: the answer's yes! All we need is sensors that pick up the EM pattern of an AI operating nearby or interfacing with a Pathfinder implant, and we've got a detector. Child's play! How's your virus coming along?


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