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The Quick Match Menu

Quick Match is used to find a match, select your preferred difficulty, or search for any server as quickly as possible.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The quick match menu allows the selection of a difficulty for a multiplayer match and then directly loads into a lobby. This menu is used to quickly find a match based on difficulty alone and no other settings can be changed.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Bronze[edit | edit source]


Suited for characters of any level. Reward levels are moderate. Recommended level: 1 or above

Silver[edit | edit source]


Suited for medium-level characters. Reward levels are increased. Recommended level: 10 or above

Gold[edit | edit source]


Suited for high-level characters. Reward levels are maximized. Recommended level: 18 or above

Platinum[edit | edit source]


Platinum difficulty provides a challenge for even the strongest players. Reward levels are very high. Recommended level: 20

Selecting the Platinum difficulty level mixes enemies from all three enemy types automatically.

Any[edit | edit source]


Join the first available server.