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Quarantine: Best Practices

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Quarantine: Best Practices
Quarantine: Best Practices
Location Eos

Quarantine: Best Practices is one of the terminal entries located in Prodromos on Eos.

Text[edit | edit source]

Please remember that everything shipped to the landing pad—especially from off-world rather than sealed Nexus supplies—MUST go through quarantine procedures via confined observation, spot testing, bacteriological scans, or radioactive sterilization.

We are a new presence on Eos, and everything added to the ecosystem will have an effect down the line. Our job is to make sure it's a beneficial one, and strong quarantine practices will really help us out.

Hainly Abrams

Addendum: if anyone tries to tell me or Hainly that your shipment's a special case and you don't need to bother, you'll be running quarantine twice. — Bradley

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