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Location Tempest

Pyjak is one of the terminal entries from Professor Herik located on the Tempest. It is the trigger for Monkeys in Space.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ryder
From: Herik


It was marvelous to meet you! As a fellow adventurer in the sciences, could you help us with an experiment?

We have an interesting chap here on the Nexus: a young pyjak, what humans sometimes call a "space monkey." He's part of a study on how various species adapt to shipboard life, and we're hoping you might take him aboard the Tempest. You can pick him up from the Nexus Commons whenever you like. Don't worry, he's quite friendly, and his routine's very simple: no food after 2359, no baths or showers, and please limit his exposure to solar radiation.

Professor Herik

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