Prodromos Research Data

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Taking the time to explore Prodromos can yield a small amount of Research Data (RD).

Overview[edit | edit source]

Because Prodromos is fairly spread out with a number a buildings and a number of the items that scan for RD are duplicates, finding all of the items can take a bit of patience.

Six of the items provide +10 Milky Way RD each.

  • Cyclonic Water Purification Facility
  • ISRU Processor (x3)
  • Lab Equipment (x2)

One of the ISRU processors will not award RD. This is based on which of the first three are scanned.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The following map of Prodromos lists the approximate locations of RD items. Single story pre-fab buildings are indicated by Building - Single Level Icon.png and multi-level pre-fab buildings are indicated by Building - Multi-level Icon.png.

Prodromos Research Data Map.png

RD Items[edit | edit source]