Presentation by Yasgar

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Presentation by Yasgar
Presentation by Yasgar
Location Mithrava

Presentation by Yasgar is one of the terminal entries located in Mithrava on Havarl.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:

As you all know, Sage Yasgar made a pilgrimage to Aya a year ago to request copies of the repository's most recent archaeological theories and findings. He and his assistants have been cloistered since then and have only just completed their analysis of the material. They have collated the records that are consistent with Mithrava's canon, and have incorporated them into our histories. The rest have, of course, been relegated to the archives, where they are available to study.

Sage Yasgar will be presenting the information he's compiled at the end of the week. You may want to refamiliarize yourself with the tales of the Sundering before coming to the forum.

The meeting will be held in the lower archives.

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