Poker Log

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Poker Log
Poker Log
Location Tempest

Poker Log is one of the datapads located in the Meeting Room on the Tempest. This datapad appears after Gil Brodie sends Poker journal.

Text[edit | edit source]

The team's invited me to their regular game. They've been practicing and each wants to be the one to dethrone me.

Notes on crew tendencies:

Game 1
Result: Took everyone's credits in record time.
- Vetra sighs when she gets the card she wants. Every time.
- When Peebee finishes shuffling, the bottom card can often be seen.
- Drack might be the easiest to read, but try not to say anything that suggests this. In fact, say the opposite. He gets even sloppier when his ego's been stroked.
- Cora has yet to bluff. Might not be in her makeup.
- Jaal has real potential.

Game 2
Result: Broke Game 1's record. Consider easing up on them a little.
- Peebee has started checking, but only to check-raise. She always needs to be the one pushing the action.
- Drack thinks staring at me will tell him something. Think I'll blow him a kiss next time.
- Vetra's getting upset. She doesn't show it, but it's obvious.
- Cora still won't bluff. She's too risk-averse. Even with a good hand, a strong bet will get her to lay it down.
- Jaal's inexperience is an advantage; he's hard to read.

Game 3
Result: Let Vetra hang with me for a long time, before dashing their hopes this times. She left very encouraged. Overall mood was improved among the others.
- If Jaal is still in a hand, Peebee plays less aggressively. Think she wants him.
- Drack doesn't know it, but he picks his nose when he's got something.
- Cora bluffed! It was HORRIBLE.
- Two or three hands, Jaal had me sweating. He's only just started, and he's so much better than Vetra.

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