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Species Construct
Location Escape Pods, Tempest

Poc or "Proof of Concept" is a Remnant bot repurposed by Peebee and plays a central role in earning her loyalty.

Codex[edit | edit source]

After months of studying and tinkering with the Remnant, Peebee was able to strip out an Observer’s operating protocols. Using Remnant technology found in the vault on Eos along with other pieces scrounged from ruins, she has discovered how to program the Observer to obey her commands. This is Poc (Proof of Concept), a Remnant Observer that now works for Peebee.

Poc has no combat capabilities—it apparently exists for Peebee’s amusement and perhaps companionship—but she has repeated her work and created a combat-ready version that can be deployed in the field. For ease of discerning between the two, this combat model is named “Zap.”

Poc was stolen by Kalinda T'Reve, but has now been recovered and repaired. It is functioning normally in Peebee’s service.

Peebee’s success in merging Remnant and Milky Way technologies is very promising, and she has begun to apply the principles involved to other systems, including those on the Tempest.

Scan Data[edit | edit source]

Data[edit | edit source]

Adapted Remnant Observer
Non-standard interior wiring, reprogrammed core functions
Unable to determine additional capabilities

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Accessing readme file: "Don't be nosy. Peebee."

Missions[edit | edit source]

Poc is involved with the following missions:

Gallery[edit | edit source]