Please add your thanks for the team

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Please add your thanks for the team
Please add your thanks for the team
Location Port Meridian

Please add your thanks for the team is one of the terminal entries located in Ryder's Room in Port Meridian. It is the first of forty-nine emails on the terminal expressing gratitude to the team.

Please add your thanks for the team[edit | edit source]

Initiative, Meridian, Heleus
We almost didn't make it, but thanks to the bravery of the Pathfinder team, we have well and truly arrived.

Add your voice and gratitude.
Let them know that they have affected lives.

Thank you so much.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 01.png

I'm relieved beyond measure that my involvement was not necessary.

Bran Cavin

There are no words.[edit | edit source]

Waking up to this was amazing.

G. Danials, Posie Rothe

Thank you.[edit | edit source]

Seems like the thing to do.

Candy Jensen

Thanks.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 02.png

Forever, honestly.


Danke.[edit | edit source]

To the team.

H. Lowel

You're the best.[edit | edit source]

Way to plant the flag.

Cammy Tabart

Simply thanks.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 03.png

Pam Aberdine

Knew it would work out.[edit | edit source]

They said we were good as dead, but I didn't see it, so I knew we'd come back from the brink.

C. Pernia

Takk[edit | edit source]

We're going to make it work.

Imke Magnesson

Thank you, thank you![edit | edit source]

Thanks 04.png

Knew we'd make it!

Lore, Neve, and Ira

ThanksThanksThanks[edit | edit source]

Can't say it enough.


So grateful.[edit | edit source]

Go team!


Grazie[edit | edit source]

Thanks 05.png

Amazing ride.

B. Garranti

So hopeful.[edit | edit source]

Came here to be someone. Now we can.

L. Lowell, V. Jess

Moving forward.[edit | edit source]

Being stuck in stasis was rough, but it was nothing compared to what you did. Thank you.

Paul Mugman

Thank you.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 06.png

Just thanks.

Pony Moses

You're the best.[edit | edit source]

Thanks for picking up my slack. Jr. would've been amazed.

Eric Camber

You're the best![edit | edit source]

You can drive my boat anytime!

Captain I.

Can't say enough.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 07.png

This is stupid. Heroes don't need thanks from me. I'm just normal.

D. Aguta

So grateful.[edit | edit source]

Your team is a lifesaver. They probably get that a lot.

K. Tetarenko

A great story, Pathfinder[edit | edit source]

I'm going to write a book about this.

V. Tethras

Thank you team.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 08.png

Can't believe it.

Jang Aguda

Words aren't enough.[edit | edit source]

A new life, because of you.

Suki Medeiros

Like they said.[edit | edit source]

A small thanks, from no one important. Yet.

L. Silveira

Sopas, Pathfinder[edit | edit source]

Thanks 09.png

A light in the darkness.

Tujela Alan

Xie xie Pathfinder Team[edit | edit source]

There's no way to thank you for the lives ahead of us.

Jian Liu

Thank you.[edit | edit source]

This was a strange journey to be on.

C. May

Winners get razzberries![edit | edit source]

Thanks 10.png

PPPBbbbthtth, team! Finding a home is brilliant!

R. Jenny + Widdle

(There is a link to an animated texture of the Meridian sphere, with an added arm gesturing with two fingers. SAM has helpfully noted that, while awesome, it is not to scale.)

Thanks, I guess.[edit | edit source]

I could have helped if I had a SAM.

C. Hawke

This was and is the best![edit | edit source]

Glad to be back in the game!

M. Fentan

My thanks.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 11.png

A radiant victory, team. Thank you all.

Jen Zi

Glad to be home.[edit | edit source]

So glad to have made it. Thank you, team.


Me too![edit | edit source]

So many thanks!


I'll make it matter.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 12.png

Just like you, Pathfinder. Just like you.

D. Sutherland

Thanks for this chance.[edit | edit source]

I'm going to do great things.

Sing Wa

Please read.[edit | edit source]

Just wanted to say you did a good job.

Madeline Schmidt

ELATION![edit | edit source]

Thanks 13.png



Just a simple thank you.[edit | edit source]

Like all the rest, it's just a thank you from a would-be pioneer.

Hami Okiro

Inspirational.[edit | edit source]

If anyone asks, you're family.

A. Hendyr

Forever grateful.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 14.png

The chance we all needed.

A. Gend

So thankful.[edit | edit source]

Anyone wants to complain about the job the team did, tell them to take it to me.

Helen Wate

I can't stop crying.[edit | edit source]

It's so beautiful.

Siala Kennedy

Happy Landing Day![edit | edit source]

Thanks 15.png

Let's blow the roof off the place!


Simple thanks, over and over.[edit | edit source]

I'm a carpenter. My daughter's a pilot. We're alive. Thanks. That's all.

Benny T.

Nice planet.[edit | edit source]

Inside-out or not, feels like New Earth to me.

B. Elba

I wanted home, I got family.[edit | edit source]

Thanks 16.png

Thanks to the team. I hope you found family too.

L. Voth

Much love.[edit | edit source]

New worlds. Can't wait.

Jatory Reese

Brave as shit.[edit | edit source]

Pathfinder team is all heroes, far as I care.

D.B. Cumbernold

P.S., I'm pushing this live to the outposts. Bet they want to say thanks too.

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