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Type Priority ops
Starting Location Habitat 7
Mission Location Habitat 7
Previous Prologue: Hyperion
Next Nexus Reunion

Planetside is the second priority ops mission.

Description[edit | edit source]

The scouting mission on Habitat 7 has met with disaster. The planet is far from the golden world the initial scans indicated; instead, its atmosphere is toxic and wracked with deadly electrical storms that struck the shuttle. Survive the hostile conditions and locate any survivors from the rest of the Pathfinder team.

Alec Ryder theorizes that the alien tower is linked to the planet's dangerous weather. He believes accessing the tower may enable your shuttle to leave. Ensure that he and the rest of the team survive until your father gathers the necessary information.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Locate other members of the Pathfinder team
  • Optional: Test your weapon on a damaged fuel cell
  • Protect Fisher
  • Optional: Scan the dead alien bodies
  • Optional: Search the shuttle wreckage for supplies
  • Optional: Check on Kirkland
  • Locate the second shuttle
  • Take cover near the shuttle
  • Defend the Pathfinder team from hostile aliens
  • Optional: Collect ammo and additional weapons
  • Defend the Pathfinder team from hostile aliens
  • Locate the Pathfinder
  • Optional: Locate Greer
  • Optional: Explore The Cave
  • Optional: Investigate the flares
  • Optional: Investigate the alien ruins
  • Optional: Find a way to access the sealed room
  • Optional: Investigate the alien facility
  • Optional: Investigate the crashed alien ship
  • Follow the Pathfinder
  • Defend the Pathfinder
  • Join the Pathfinder
  • Optional: Order Cora and Liam to defend both flanks (0/2)
  • Defend the Pathfinder
  • Decryption Progress
  • Open the door

Notes[edit | edit source]

There are no mission-specific rewards, but combat should provide enough XP to level up.

You must scan the Fuel Cell BEFORE you shoot it during Optional: Test your weapon on a damaged fuel cell or you lose the RD.

If you fail to pick up the M-8 Avenger during the objective Optional: Check on Kirkland, this weapon will also appear in the weapon pile for Optional: Collect ammo and additional weapons.

If Ryder doesn't complete Optional: Locate Greer, Greer's dead body will be found in the second building during the objective Follow the Pathfinder. Greer's body can be scanned for +10 Milky Way RD but this seems like a small reward for not saving his life.

The objective Optional: Order Cora and Liam to defend both flanks (0/2) isn't really optional. Decryption progress will not begin until both squadmates have been ordered to defensive positions.

The Unknown Technology (Observer) can be tricky to scan. The Observer moves very quickly and you only have a moment before it flies away and is gone. You can reload the game from an autosave and try again, but it may not be worth the trouble. Observers will be plentiful later and Remnant weapons and armor are not available to research until certain requirements are met.

The specific weapon found during the objective Optional: Collect ammo and additional weapons is tied to the training selected during character customization.

Training Weapon
Security Charger
Biotic Charger
Technician Viper
Leader M-23 Katana
Scrapper M-23 Katana
Operative Viper

Research Opportunities[edit | edit source]

Taking the time to explore Habitat 7 can yield a decent amount of Research Data (RD). 40 Milky Way RD, 330 Heleus RD, and 150 Remnant RD. Most RD items are worth +10 but the creatures/enemies are worth +50.

The are several problems with scanning items during the mission.

  • Most of the scanned items use the word "Unknown" in the scanned name except for the Milky Way items and a single Remnant item.
  • Scanning an item in one area will make other similar items show up as already scanned in other areas not yet visited.
  • With the large number of routes that are available on this mission, the exact route and the specific items scanned is highly variable. This requires that you take extra time to systematically scan everything carefully in each area to make sure that all RD can be found.

For the reasons listed above, this can be a real pain to find all of the RD. The good news is that subsequent missions don't have this naming problem or as many identical items to scan on the same mission.

For a complete list of RD items with example pictures and scan data, see Planetside Research Data.

Achievements and trophies[edit | edit source]

The following achievements and trophies during this mission: