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Personal Update: Karin Miura

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Personal Update: Karin Miura
Personal Update: Karin Miura
Location Eos

Personal Update: Karin Miura is one of the forward station terminal entries located on Eos.

Text[edit | edit source]

—Standard format: OVERRIDE—
Reporting: Spec. Karin Miura

Live-link begins:
-Hello out there. It's you, right? Who else?

-Station number nine! No, you don't get a turn, I'm recording this for the Pathfinder. Don't tell me I had too much, it was your bottle. Look, it's late, we're all tired. But we're having a good time. It'll be fine. Shhh. Shhhh, it's a secret. But Pathfinder. Team. We think you're Sexy. As. Fuck. Everyone in exogee… exogo… Everyone up here agrees! Your data is soooo good! Anyway, we were having a party because you're not dead. So many people were dead. But not you. That's fuuh… that's ffu… um. We're having a good time.

-Yeah, I should sign off.

-Is that… can I send the… I'm just hitting send. Live-link ends

Receiving Coordinative Upgrade and Real-Time Kinematic support
Forward Station efficiency improved 16.9%

—More data needed—
Additional forward station coordination required


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