Personal Log: Avitus Rix

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Personal Log: Avitus Rix
Personal Log: Avitus Rix
Location Havarl

Personal Log: Avitus Rix is one of the datapads found in the Turian Camp on Havarl. It is present but inactive until Turian Ark: Lost but Not Forgotten has been completed.

Text[edit | edit source]

Login: Avitus Rix

New entry: Found more Natanus survivors today—along with some not so lucky. Still can't believe the sturdiness of those pods. I remember Macen rambling about the ingenuity of their engineering, but he's always excitable when it comes to those things. Now I wish I'd paid more attention—learned the ins and outs of the pods' design. Tore one apart trying to make a communicator, but it's all wires to me. Macen would know what to do—how to help these people survive. I can point a gun and keep them safe, but that's it. They need him for a real leadership. And so do I.


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