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Orbital distance 0.9 AU
Orbital period 0.9 years
Radius 3637 km
Atmospheric pressure 0.89 atmospheres
Surface temperature 32C
Available minerals None
An inhospitable, unstable volcanic planet. There is evidence of a large scale Remnant complex, mostly buried beneath the surface. The mysterious signal that Peebee discovered emanates from a section of this complex.

Pas-10 is a planet located in the Inalaara star system.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Post-Mission Update[edit | edit source]

Data[edit | edit source]

  • Surface temperature increased to 49C

Analysis[edit | edit source]

An inhospitable, unstable volcanic planet. The recent volcanic eruption has made landing and access to the buried Remnant complex impossible. Peebee's mysterious signal is now too faint to hone in on.

Gallery[edit | edit source]