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Classification Enemy
Origin Milky Way
A heavily armored, close-range combatant who uses biotics to create a shield and attempt to flank.

Pariah is an Outlaw mob enemy.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Even without military training, rogue asari are exceptionally dangerous, as their natural biotic talents mean they are never truly disarmed. These pariahs now sighted in outlaw bands wield their powers in pursuit of plunder and glory.

Pariahs attack at short range with shotguns designed for asari commando forces, wearing down kinetic barriers in preparation for a biotic-focused attack. For more persistent enemies, many pariahs have mastered a deadly "backlash" technique, generating a shield with near-negative mass that accelerates incoming projectiles back at their foes.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Pariahs are health and shield enemies. Health & Shields Bar - Normal.png They wield a Disciple shotgun and have access to Backlash.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Pariah's Backlash shield defends against frontal assaults; a flank or rear attack is more likely to succeed.

The Pariah can be scanned for Aid APEX.