Outcasts and Collective

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Outcasts and Collective
Outcasts and Collective
Location Kadara

Outcasts and Collective is a set of three Datapads found on Kadara. They are related to Task: Kadara's Ransom.

Text: To the Outcasts[edit | edit source]

Outcasts and Collective - from the Collective.png

We caught one of your Outcast dogs sniffing around our camp. You want him back? Make it worth our while. Bring a generous donation to the navpoint attached, and we'll see about getting this straightened out. And hurry—we tend to get trigger-happy when we have to wait.

—Your friends in the Collective

Text: To the Collective[edit | edit source]

Outcasts and Collective - from the Outcasts.png

You should encrypt your information a little better. We got ahold of a juicy bit of info from your emails—bet the Charlatan would like to see what you've been up to. We'll conveniently misplace this data if you make the right offer. What's our silence worth to you? Bring the goods to the navpoint attached.

—Your new Outcast friends

Text: Final Datapad[edit | edit source]

Outcasts and Collective - from the Ransomer.png

You were right. Both factions fell for the messages. Guess everyone has something to hide, don't they? Just need them to both show up at the navpoint. They'll each think the other is trying to play them, someone will start shooting, and before you know it we have all the loot to ourselves. I just have to find a spot to lay low 'til the bloody part's over.

You and I are gonna be rich, babe. The future looks bright.

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