Outcast Code of Conduct

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Outcast Code of Conduct
Outcast Code of Conduct
Location Kadara

Outcast Code of Conduct is one of the terminal entries located on Kadara. It is in the jail on the The Docks.

Text[edit | edit source]

Been getting a lot of reports lately about misconduct towards the locals. These actions will not be tolerated. Sloane's trying to build a better Heleus. One the Nexus promised, but failed to deliver. Wearing Outcast colors means you represent her. And I won't have anyone representing Sloane dishonorably. Since it seems like we've all got different meanings of honor, I've made a code of conduct. Follow it or deal with me.

1. No disrespect towards Sloane or your fellow Outcasts.
2. Public beatings are for disciplinary measures only.
3. Drunkenness is fine to an extent.
4. Don't antagonize the angara, but don't let them get away with shit either.
5. You got a friend interested in joining the Outcasts? Great. Send them to the recruiter. All new members must go through proper channels.
6. No unauthorized contact with the Nexus.
7. No association with the Collective.
8: No sleeping on shift.
9. No fucking on shift. Off shift, do whatever you want. But I don't want to know about it.
10. Protection fees are non-negotiable. All fees must be collected on time. Don't charge more or less.

If anything is unclear, see me, but none of this should be hard.


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