Offer: Varren Jerky (Updated)

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Offer: Varren Jerky (Updated)
Offer: Varren Jerky (Updated)
Location New Tuchanka, Elaaden

Offer: Varren Jerky (Updated) is one of the terminal entries located in New Tuchanka on Elaaden.

Text[edit | edit source]

By: Korten Ewudz

I've gotten questions, and I want to make it clear that yes, this is genuine varren jerky. Not textured proteins covered in salt so that you can't tell the difference. Not some garbage I came up with that kind of tastes the same. This is prime-cut varren, slow-roasted klixen-style and then marinated in pyjak sauce. It's ready to kick down the door to your mouth and charge in shotgun-first to assault your taste buds. I've got a full crate, and the best offer takes them.

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