Obey this order!

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Obey this order!
Obey this order!
Location Eos

Obey this order! is one of the datapads found in the Presson Dunes on Eos. It is located in the kett barracks during Kett's Bane.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Tonaizhet:

Reporting: Invictor
Account: Final orders

I will say this only once. Focus on the new aliens that have arrived. I don't care about off-world orders. It's obvious to me that the old tech does not and cannot give us what we need, no matter what is still hidden. But these new arrivals have understandable, usable technology. And they may be viable for more uses. If we return with answers about them, that serves and raises me. Answers about the old tech only serve the order we have. You want to raise me. Or you'll find yourself the subject of collection and study.
End report

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