Notice: Turret Upgrades

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Notice: Turret Upgrades
Notice: Turret Upgrades
Location New Tuchanka, Elaaden

Notice: Turret Upgrades is one of the terminal entries located in New Tuchanka on Elaaden.

Text[edit | edit source]

From: Wik Skarrin

Warlord Morda told me to upgrade the turrets before I left for APEX training, so I'm going to be pouring a little fire on them to make sure you're not crying like a volus with a busted suit as soon as I leave. Keep your IFFs up to date. I'm going to be firing off test rounds, and I don't want my little gun friends to mistake you for a kett.

Also taking requests. Anybody want cryo ammo in these? Maybe incendiary? Let me know if you want to shatter your enemies or just laugh while they roll around trying to put themselves out.

Also, also, any kills the turrets get count as mine for the colony standards.

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