Notice: Building Regulations

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Notice: Building Regulations
Notice: Building Regulations
Location New Tuchanka, Elaaden

Notice: Building Regulations is one of the terminal entries located in New Tuchanka on Elaaden.

Text[edit | edit source]

From: Gulnaz Bin

Hey everyone. As we continue building new structures, remember that building is like firing your shotgun into a pack of varren: adjust your SAFETY FIRST.

We don't want to focus on the "cons," so let's have a "pro-versation" about safety:

- Please wear helmets while building unless you really don't want to.
- Don't use the welding torches for tattoos unless you're sure it's something you want on your skin forever.
- Quit stealing supplies. We've got computers, we know you're doing it, and we'll shoot you.
- Only add guns to things the plans say should have guns on them.
- Don't fire your guns into the air in celebration unless you shout that you're going to do so beforehand.

Thank you.

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