Not going to gush

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Not going to gush
Not going to gush
Location Tempest

Not going to gush is one of the terminal entries from Gil Brodie located on the Tempest. It is unique to Gil's romance line.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ryder
From: Gil

Who am I kidding?

Coming to Andromeda was the best thing I've ever done. Not because I'm doing work and part of a team I can be proud of. Not because I'm getting to test and push myself in ways I never could have back home. And not because I'm becoming a virtuoso poet.

It's because I met you. You're my true purpose, Ryder.

Not to mention, if I hadn't come along, I'd be dead for at least 550 years by now.

Yours (don't you doubt it for a second),

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