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Non-Work-Related Email from Jaal

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Non-Work-Related Email from Jaal
Non-Work-Related Email from Jaal
Location Tempest

Non-Work-Related Email from Jaal is one of the terminal entries from Jaal Ama Darav located on the Tempest.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ryder
From: Jaal


I told Liam and Peebee and Lexi a children's story that the mothers used to tell us when we were small. It's from our oral history of the time before the Scourge. The crew said I should write it down so that it can be added to the cultural center on the Nexus.

The Wayward Child
Long ago, there was a child who was very stubborn and wouldn't listen to any wisdom—not from her father, nor her many mothers. One day, seeking adventure, she snuck aboard a spaceship with an unknown destination. That child was brave to seek adventure; however, she ended up getting spaced with a load of garbage. Deservedly, she froze in the cold vacuum of space and died. The End.

I don't know why the crew enjoyed it; it's a terrible story meant to scare youngsters into obedience. Is this a novelty to your people? If so, how do you humans keep children from hurting themselves?


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