Nexus Report on Krogan Colony

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Nexus Report on Krogan Colony
Nexus Report on Krogan Colony
Location Nexus

Nexus Report on Krogan Colony is one of the datapads found in Spender's quarters in the Common Area on the Nexus during Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal.

Text[edit | edit source]

Colony Name: New Tuchanka
Location: Elaaden
Estimated Population: 700+ (about 1,200 krogan came to Andromeda)
Key People: Nakmor Morda (leader), Jorgal Strux (potential agitator), Nakmor Drack (Initiative freelancer, grandfather of Nakmor Kesh)

The colony is thriving by krogan standards. They are storing water and have enough to be self-sufficient. They have time for entertainment. There is a fighting pit. A distillery. Even a greenhouse, where they appear to be growing plants in an attempt to sustain the colony long-term. This is spearheaded by a botanist named Vorn.

The krogan built their colony into the side of a sinkhole. Some construction materials were apparently taken from the Nexus. Other materials are locally sourced. The compound is heavily guarded and it is difficult to get in unless you are krogan.

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