New Journal: Ana Carrell, Final Entry (datapad)

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New Journal: Ana Carrell, Final Entry
New Journal: Ana Carrell, Final Entry
Location Eos

New Journal: Ana Carrell, Final Entry is one of the Datapads located on Eos. It is related to Task: The Ghost of Promise.

Text[edit | edit source]

I was stupid. Tried to hack into the protectors of these ruins and they turned on me. I shouldn't have touched them. I managed to hide, but they got enough shots in that I know I'm not going to make it. At least now I'll die quickly—better than to watch the radiation slowly melt my insides.

But there's something the Nexus needs to know. After they attacked me, the machines started working. Repairing… no… creating land. I think they have the ability to fix this planet. If you find this, upload it to the Nexus. I want them to know what happened here. To see the potential this world has for them. These things—remnant—I think they're the key to our new life. We just need to unlock it.

I'll always believe in Jien's vision. I don't regret anything.

Good luck,

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