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New Journal: Ana Carrell, Day 1 (terminal entry)

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New Journal: Ana Carrell, Day 1 (terminal entry)
New Journal: Ana Carrell, Day 1 (terminal entry)
Location Eos

New Journal: Ana Carrell, Day 1 is one of the terminal entries located in Prodromos on Eos. It appears at the end of Task: The Ghost of Promise as an upload of the datapad New Journal: Ana Carrell, Day 1.

Text[edit | edit source]

Look at this place. It's more beautiful than I could've ever imagined. Millions of data strings, just waiting to be discovered. If only I could access them. There are secrets in this place—I can feel it. If I can figure out how their protocols work, I think these sleeping robots could be useful to us.

The storms outside have grown worse. If I try to go back now, I'm dead. They've messed with my comm—I can't leave, and I can't call for help. Besides, who would I call? Most of the outpost is dead already. Fortunately, it seems the technology in this place keeps the radiation away. I have enough food to last a week. I'll attempt to weather the storm and contact the outpost when I get a chance.

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