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Location Eos

Necropsy is one of the terminal entries at the kett research station at the southern monolith in The Golden Wastes on Eos. The original is seen during A Better Beginning. If Ryder returns to review the entry, SAM is able to translate the text.

Text[edit | edit source]


Only the title of this message can be clearly translated. The rest is written in kett script. Only a few words can be translated without more language study.

Partial translation: "lesser species," "unremarkable," and "disposal."

Translated Text[edit | edit source]

Necropsy (translated).png

Translated from Tonaizhet:

Item: Lesser species specimen, male, median age
Pre-necrosis disposition: Resistant, inured, unremarkable
DNA: Unacceptable recessive genes along maternal line. Corrective measures possible, but not worthy.

In summary: This is nothing to exalt. It is found wanting. Better specimens might adjust the opinion. The Invictor has other concerns.

In recommendation: Disposal.

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