NEXUS (HNS) - Krogan Deal Struck

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NEXUS (HNS) - Krogan Deal Struck
NEXUS (HNS) - Krogan Deal Struck
Location Nexus

NEXUS (HNS) - Krogan Deal Struck is an entry on the HNS terminal in the entryway of the Nexus. There are two versions, one in which Ryder gave the Remnant drive core to Nakmor Morda, one in which Ryder kept the drive core for the Initiative.

Krogan Return to the Nexus[edit | edit source]

NEXUS (HNS) - Krogan Deal Struck (krogan return).png

After a high-profile exile, krogan are returning to the Nexus. The krogan have been welcomed back into the Initiative after officials accepted their push for equal status. Clan leader Nakmor Morda welcomed the support and resources New Tuchanka will now receive. "It's about time," she said.

Krogan Sovereignty Recognized[edit | edit source]

NEXUS (HNS) - Krogan Deal Struck (sovereign krogan).png

Initiative officials struck a deal with krogan leadership that recognizes the krogan right to sovereignty in Andromeda. Clan elder Nakmor Drack was reached for comment while traveling with the human Pathfinder aboard the Tempest. "Quads, it's about time," he said.

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