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The muliplayer lobby screen.

Multiplayer in Mass Effect: Andromeda places players into a class-based, 4-player co-op fire-team experience. It is a cooperative mode that encourages and rewards teamwork. Players can join together to survive escalating waves of enemies, complete a series of objectives, and extract from the battlefield.

At the completion of a match, all players will earn the same XP and Credits. Use XP to upgrade characters and evolve existing and new abilities. With a wealth of unique character kits, there are always fresh and interesting builds to explore. Use Credits to update the character's loadout with innovative weapons, mods, and boosters, and then jump into the next match.

How to join multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Players can jump into multiplayer from the main menu, or even from within the single-player campaign. From the Research Room of the Tempest, players can launch the interface for Strike Team Missions. Here, they can send APEX Strike Teams on important missions for the Andromeda Initiative. Missions can either be completed by an APEX Strike Team, or players can jump in to a multiplayer battle.

Multiplayer main menu[edit | edit source]

Once in multiplayer mode, there are several menu options:

Character selection[edit | edit source]

Players can choose a multiplayer class character kit from different character classes and seven different races to play 36 individual unique multiplayer characters.[1]

Common Uncommon Rare Ultra Rare
Human Female Adept
Human Female Engineer
Human Female Infiltrator
Human Female Sentinel
Human Female Soldier
Human Female Vanguard
Human Male Adept
Human Male Engineer
Human Male Infiltrator
Human Male Sentinel
Human Male Soldier
Human Male Vanguard
Asari Adept
Asari Sentinel
Krogan Engineer
Krogan Vanguard
Salarian Infiltrator
Turian Soldier
Angara Insurgent
Asari Huntress
Batarian Scrapper
Human Artificer
Human Commando
Human Guardian
Human Juggernaut
Krogan Mercenary
Salarian Architect
Turian Agent
Turian Havoc Trooper
Angara Avenger
Angara Exemplar
Asari Duelist
Batarian Vanguard
Human Kineticist
Krogan Gladiator
Salarian Operator

Character customization[edit | edit source]

Loadout[edit | edit source]

The loadout screen allows for the equipping of two different weapons and one equipment.

Like the single player campaign, multiplayer weapons utilize Milky Way, Heleus Cluster, and Remnant technologies. Each technology type gives an edge against particular kinds of enemies. Any character can use any weapon, there are no class restrictions. Weapons can be modified and upgraded to give a strategic advantage on the battlefield.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Weapon

The same weapons that are used in the single-player portion of the game are available in the multiplayer portion as well.[1]

Weapons are acquired and upgraded through purchases of packs and items in the multiplayer Store.

Type Common Uncommon Rare Ultra Rare
Assault Rifles M-8 Avenger M-96 Mattock
L-89 Halberd
M-8 Avenger S
M-37 Falcon
X5 Ghost
N7 Valkyrie
Pistols Charger
M-3 Predator
M-5 Phalanx
Charger S
M-3 Predator S
M-25 Hornet
N7 Eagle
N7 Hurricane
Sniper Rifles Viper Incisor
M-90 Indra
Viper S
Black Widow
Kishock Harpoon Gun
N7 Valiant
Shotguns M-23 Katana Disciple
M-23 Katana S
Reegar Carbine
N7 Crusader
N7 Piranha

† Multiplayer-Only Weapon

Be aware that the stats for the multiplayer versions of weapons have been changed (some multiple times) with patches and updates. Consult the individual weapon pages and the Patches and Updates article for more details.

S Variant Weapons[edit | edit source]

"S" variant weapons were added to boost the damage of five Common weapons but the remaining stats stay the same. These weapons are classified as Rare weapons.

Charger S MP.png

S Variant weapon paint schemes change to a metallic (stainless steel) look.

Specialized Variant Weapons[edit | edit source]

With Patch 1.09, new variants of the Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra Rare weapons were added that have additional benefits.

These new versions have:

  • the benefit type in (parenthesis) added after the name of the weapon.
  • additional text added after the standard definition text.
  • descriptions and stats of the new benefits.
  • the weapon paint coloring scheme changed (based on each specific weapon).

Bulwark[edit | edit source]

(Bulwark): This weapon upgrade is based on tech accidentally discovered while creating shield generators. The Bulwark's user takes less damage from all sources when standing near allies - the more allies, the stronger the effect.

Charger S Bulwark.png

Gain Damage Resistance with each nearby ally.

+15-25 Damage Resistance Near One Ally
+22-37 Damage Resistance Near Two Allies
+30-50 Damage Resistance Near Three Allies

Paint scheme changes to yellow with grey hexagons.

Concussive[edit | edit source]

(Concussive): Initiative scientists have outdone themselves with this weapon upgrade. Using this upgrade to kill an enemy with a headshot causes a massive explosion, essentially turning the target into a bomb.

Charger S Concussive.png

Killing an enemy by shooting its weak point causes an explosion.

+800-1500 Area Damage
+7.50 Radius (m)

Paint scheme changes to purple with grey stripes.

The following weapons are unavailable in the Concussive variant because the weapon mechanics won't allow headshots:

Siphon[edit | edit source]

(Siphon): This weapon upgrade was developed by angaran scientists excited to experiment with biotics for the first time. The Siphon heals the user while shooting enemies and temporarily increases the amount of healing with fatal shots.

Charger S Siphon.png

This weapon restores your health as it deals damage.

+3.00-3.75% Damage Returned As Health
+4.50% Heal Bonus Per Kill
+7 Kill Streak Duration (seconds)
+3 Maximum Kill Bonuses

Paint scheme changes to red with a large grey stripe.

Mods[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mod

The same types of mods that are used in the single-player portion of the game are available in the multiplayer portion as well. There are also a few multiplayer-only Mods but some of the single-player Mods are unavailable. [1]

Mods are acquired and upgraded through purchases of packs and items in the multiplayer Store.

Type Common Uncommon Rare
Assault Rifles AR Scope
AR Recon Scope
AR Tactical Scope
AR Targeting System
AR Stock
AR Heavy Stock
AR Light Stock
AR Magazine
AR Heavy Magazine
AR Light Magazine
AR Receiver
AR Barrel
AR Long Barrel
AR Short Barrel
Pistols Pistol Melee Optimizer
Pistol Heavy Melee
Pistol Light Melee
Pistol Scope
Pistol Heavy Scope
Pistol Tactical Scope
Pistol Targeting System
Pistol Magazine
Pistol Heavy Magazine
Pistol Light Magazine
Pistol Receiver
Pistol Barrel
Pistol Long Barrel
Pistol Short Barrel
Sniper Rifles SR Ultra-Light Materials
SR Experimental Materials
SR Latticed Materials
SR Scope
SR Spare Thermal Clip
SR Heavy Spare Clip
SR Receiver
SR Calibrated Receiver
SR Quick Receiver
SR Barrel
SR Reinforced Barrel
SR Vented Barrel
Shotguns Shotgun Melee Optimizer
Shotgun Heavy Melee
Shotgun Light Melee
Shotgun Smart Choke
Shotgun Heavy Choke
Shotgun Light Choke
Shotgun Spare Clip
Shotgun Asymmetric Clip
Shotgun Heavy Spare Clip
Shotgun Receiver
Shotgun Barrel
Shotgun Long Barrel
Shotgun Short Barrel

† Multiplayer-Only Mod

Be aware that the stats for the multiplayer versions of Mods have been changed (some multiple times) with patches and updates. Consult the Patches and Updates article for more details.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Main article: Equipment

Equipment Multiplayer.png

Equipment are permanent items that can be used by APEX Teams during multiplayer gameplay in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Equipment is equipped in the weapon Loadout screen to the right of the weapons selections.

  • One equipment can be equipped per mission.
  • Equipment can be used repeatedly and does not disappear after the match.
  • Equipment can be purchased in the Store.

Boosters[edit | edit source]

Main article: Booster

Boosters are consumable items used by APEX Teams during multiplayer gameplay in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

  • Boosters are equipped in the Loadout screen and up to two can be equipped per mission.
  • There are 6 Booster Classes that can be used in multiplayer. Ammo, Weapon, Offensive, Defensive, Power, and Progression.
  • Boosters are consumed when the mission ends but last for the entire duration of the mission.

Supplies[edit | edit source]

Supplies are single use consumable items used during multiplayer gameplay. There are 5 supplies available but only 4 can be used during combat.

  • First Aid Pack - Instantly and fully restores health and shield strength with a mix of medicine and machinery.
  • Revive Pack - An emergency dose of medi-gel to revive yourself when you're down and out.
  • Ammo Pack - Instantly reloads all weapons and fills all reserves with thermal clips and power cells.
  • Cobra RPG - An explosive projectile launched from an omni-tool that deals massive damage.
  • Character Respec - Reset a character's skill selections.

Starting players have the capacity to take two of each combat supply available to use in each multiplayer match. This is shown on the Booster Screen as (2/2).

Supply capacity can be increased for combat supplies by purchasing packs in the Store and getting Capacity Increase cards. The maximum level of each combat supply is five (5/5).

Character Respec cards can't be used during combat and can only reset skills between matches. There is no counter to display the current inventory of Character Respec cards. There is no known limit on the amount that can be collected.

Additional supplies can be purchased in the Store.

Skills[edit | edit source]

See: Skill

Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer mode uses the class system of previous Mass Effect games.[1]

Skill sets are fixed, character-specific, and consist of 3 active and 2 passive skills using a mix of the standard 36 skills available from single-player gameplay, squadmate skills, and new multiplayer only skills.

The multiplayer Skill types break down into three main color coded categories: Combat (Red), Tech (Orange), and Biotics (Violet). Each category type has its own set of active (Active Generic Skill Icon.png) and passive (Passive Generic Skill Icon.png) skills.

Combat Tech Biotics
Active Combat Skill Icon.png Avenger Strike Active Tech Skill Icon.png Assault Turret Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Annihilation
Active Combat Skill Icon.png Barricade Active Tech Skill Icon.png Cryo Beam Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Backlash
Active Combat Skill Icon.png Concussive Shot Active Tech Skill Icon.png Energy Drain Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Charge
Active Combat Skill Icon.png Flak Cannon Active Tech Skill Icon.png Flamethrower Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Lance
Active Combat Skill Icon.png Fortify Active Tech Skill Icon.png Incinerate Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Nova
Active Combat Skill Icon.png Frag Grenade Active Tech Skill Icon.png Invasion Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Pull
Active Combat Skill Icon.png Sticky Grenade Active Tech Skill Icon.png Overload Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Shockwave
Active Combat Skill Icon.png Trip Mine Active Tech Skill Icon.png Recon Visor Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Singularity
Active Combat Skill Icon.png Turbocharge Active Tech Skill Icon.png Remnant VI Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Throw
Passive Combat Skill Icon.png Aerial Assault Active Tech Skill Icon.png Shield Boost Active Biotic Skill Icon.png Warp
Passive Combat Skill Icon.png APEX Training Active Tech Skill Icon.png Snap Freeze Passive Biotic Skill Icon.png Barrier
Passive Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Fitness Active Tech Skill Icon.png Stealth Grid Passive Biotic Skill Icon.png Biotic Ascension
Passive Combat Skill Icon.png Munitions Training Active Tech Skill Icon.png Tactical Cloak Passive Biotic Skill Icon.png Offensive Biotics
Passive Combat Skill Icon.png Rage Passive Tech Skill Icon.png Bioelectric Defense
Passive Combat Skill Icon.png Weapon Training Passive Tech Skill Icon.png Bioelectric Focus
Passive Tech Skill Icon.png Defense Drone
Passive Tech Skill Icon.png Offensive Tech
Passive Tech Skill Icon.png Remnant Armor
Passive Tech Skill Icon.png Support Systems
Passive Tech Skill Icon.png Tech Armor

Veteran Bonus Skill[edit | edit source]

With Patch 1.09, additional Ranks (XI-XX) for Character Cards were added to the Store. An additional passive Skill VETERAN BONUS was also added to all multiplayer characters.

Each Veteran Bonus tier increases your power, combo, and melee damage.

Gain Veteran Bonus tiers by collecting Character Cards above Rank X. Gain one tier for each Character Rank above X.

This passive Skill remains LOCKED until a Rank XI Character Card is received from the Store. Veteran Ranks of characters will only drop after all characters of that rarity have been unlocked to Rank X. (Update 1.10)

Once a Rank XI Character Card is received in the Store, the passive Skill becomes available for the character and the bonus text will be listed.

+4% Power Damage Bonus
+4% Combo Detonation Damage
+4% Melee Damage Bonus

Each Rank above X has its own Tier bonus.

Tier Power Damage
Combo Detonation
Melee Damage
XI 1 +4% +4% +4%
XII 2 +8% +8% +8%
XIII 3 +12% +12% +12%
XIV 4 +16% +16% +16%
XV 5 +20% +20% +20%
XVI 6 +24% +24% +24%
XVII 7 +28% +28% +28%
XVIII 8 +32% +32% +32%
XIX 9 +36% +36% +36%
XX 10 +40% +40% +40%

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Players are able to change colors and patterns for each character using an RGB dial. Higher character ranks unlock more colors and patterns. Gain higher ranks of characters by purchasing packs in the Store.

  • Color Tint 1
  • Color Tint 2
  • Color Tint 3
  • Pattern Select
  • Pattern Color
  • Light Color

Prestige[edit | edit source]

Multiplayer awards permanent bonuses to characters through a game mechanic called Prestige. [1]

  • Each character is associated with a group of bonus stats. See: Bonus stat
  • Earning progress for a particular bonus stat will, up to a limit, apply the related bonus to all multiplayer characters in that group.
  • Any XP gained with a character, regardless of the character's level or rank, counts towards XP for the related Bonus Stat.
  • Each bonus stat starts from level 0 and can be upgraded to a max level of 10.

Bonus Stat All Power
Health & Shield
Regen Delay
Angara Avenger
Angara Exemplar
Asari Huntress
Angara Insurgent
Human Female Engineer
Human Male Engineer
Krogan Mercenary
Salarian Operator
Asari Sentinel
Human Female Sentinel
Human Male Sentinel
Krogan Engineer
Krogan Vanguard
Asari Adept
Human Artificer
Human Female Adept
Human Female Infiltrator
Human Juggernaut
Human Male Adept
Human Male Infiltrator
Krogan Gladiator
Salarian Infiltrator
Human Commando
Human Female Vanguard
Human Kineticist
Human Male Vanguard
Turian Havoc Trooper
Asari Duelist
Batarian Scrapper
Batarian Vanguard
Human Guardian
Human Female Soldier
Human Male Soldier
Salarian Architect
Turian Agent
Turian Soldier

Match settings[edit | edit source]

Players can select the mission, map, difficulty, enemy type, and privacy settings in a custom match. Selecting a specific mission sets a specific map, difficulty, and enemy type.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Multiplayer matches are APEX missions. When setting up a match, the host has the opportunity to choose which mission is to be played. This can either be a custom mission, where the host can choose the location, enemy and level or it can be a defined mission. Defined missions specify the location, enemy and level, but also have match modifiers that affect player or weapon stats during the match. Defined missions have higher experience and credit rewards than custom missions.

Modifier Bonus Penalty
Hyper Shields +100% Maximum Shields -75% Maximum Health
Go For the Eyes +200% Weapon Weak Point Bonus -50% Weapon Damage
Assault Rifle Skirmish +50% Assault Rifle Damage -50% Sniper Rifle Damage

-50% Shotgun Damage

-50% Pistol Damage

Pistol Skirmish +50% Pistol Damage -50% Assault Rifle Damage

-50% Shotgun Damage

-50% Sniper Rifle Damage

Shotgun Skirmish +50% Shotgun Damage -50% Assault Rifle Damage

-50% Sniper Rifle Damage

-50% Pistol Damage

Sniper Rifle Skirmish +50% Sniper Rifle Damage -50% Assault Rifle Damage

-50% Shotgun Damage

-50% Pistol Damage

Mission Difficulty Map Enemy Type
False Flag Operation Bronze Firebase Sandstorm Remnant
Clear An Escape Route Silver Firebase Derelict Remnant
Locate New Resources Gold Firebase Zero Outlaw
Distract Enemy Forces Bronze Firebase Derelict Outlaw
Recover the Artifact Silver Firebase Zero Remnant
Eliminate the Enemy Saboteurs Gold Firebase Derelict Remnant

Maps[edit | edit source]

There are ten multiplayer maps available to choose from, or one can be selected at random:

  • Firebase Aqua - The angara—and their Resistance—have long relied on this once-hidden clean water source for survival. Now that their water-processing plant's location is no longer a secret, we need to make any invaders think twice about attempting to occupy it.
  • Firebase Derelict - This kett ship is adrift in the Scourge. Symbolically important to the kett, its databanks are also full of valuable information to those who can decipher it. Damage to the ship requires sections to be sealed off and re-opened for the militia to proceed, gathering information before they meet an extraction shuttle.
  • Firebase Icebreaker - Outlaws built this facility to crack thick ice fields and obtain cheap fuel and ingredients for rare narcotics. Enemy factions want that factory up and running - the kett want its fuel, the outlaws want the profits, and more Remnant are reaching the surface through the cracked ice. The militia wants this facility shut down for good.
  • Firebase Magma - A lava field isn't the likeliest place for an industrial outpost, but outlaws built a facility here to harness its massive amounts of geothermal energy. This power then fuels advanced factories that create experimental weapons and incendiary munitions.
  • Firebase Nimbus - Situated in a low orbit over Irivosna, this kett observatory collects data on the gas giant that could prove crucial in understanding the development of the cluster.
  • Firebase Paradox - The kett uncovered an invaluable and mysterious Remnant artifact on this uncharted world. Its power could allow them -or anyone who controls it- to dominate this system. With such high stakes, even the kett's defense can't keep intruders out, or contain the Remnant. Battles erupt on the various research platforms on the artifact as the militia fights against any enemy footholds.
  • Firebase Sandstorm - Researchers at this sweltering outpost develop strategies and equipment to mitigate the desert's damaging effects on armor, weapons, and shuttles. Their collected data would provide a valuable strategic advantage to anyone operating in the searing heat and coarse sand of the Heleus Cluster's desert worlds.
  • Firebase Vertigo - Scattered around Voeld, these towers function as Kett outposts and surface-level entrances to underground facilities that produce and store geothermal energy, making them excellent strategic targets.
  • Firebase Zero - Firebase Zero is one of the first productive eezo mining facilities in Andromeda, and its output is critical to the Andromeda Initiative's mission. Its strategic value has attracted the attention of kett troops and profiteers alike.
  • Remnant Ruins - A dark and dangerous cave network where the Archon keeps a collection of Remnant.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

There are four difficulty settings available to choose from, or one can be selected at random:

  • Bronze - Suited for characters of any level. Reward levels are moderate. Recommended level: 1 or above
  • Silver - Suited for medium-level characters. Reward levels are increased. Recommended level: 10 or above
  • Gold - Suited for high-level characters. Reward levels are maximized. Recommended level: 18 or above
  • Platinum - Platinum difficulty provides a challenge for even the strongest players. Reward levels are very high. Recommended level: 20

Enemy type[edit | edit source]

There are three enemy types available to choose from, or one can be selected at random:

  • Kett - The kett are brutal conquerors from an unknown area of Andromeda beyond the borders of the Heleus Cluster. Seemingly genderless, they prize physical supremacy and genetic dominance. The kett believe their species is superior to all others.
  • Remnant - The Remnant are the technological remains of an advanced, mysterious creator species that abandoned the Heleus Cluster about 600 years ago. Often, the Remnant - ranging from small Observers to gigantic Architects - guard vaults and ruins, defending and keeping vigil over devices that can alter entire planets.
  • Outlaw - Outlaws are a loosely organized, ragtag group who are out for themselves in the Heleus Cluster. Some were exiled from the original Nexus crew; some lost faith in Initiative leadership and broke away. Most though, are brigands and pirates who are only concerned about grinding out profit and personal gain in the lawless cluster.
  • Platinum difficulty level mixes enemies from all three enemy types.

Achievements and trophies[edit | edit source]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned for multiplayer:

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Begin with the tutorial mission to get a feel for the pacing of matches and to earn some helpful rewards.
  • Always check your Supplies before starting a mission. You never know when you'll need an extra Revive Pack or a Cobra RPG.
  • Use cover. It's fast, easy to get to, and it'll save you from taking too much damage.
  • Play as a team. Stick together, support each other, and communicate.

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