Merging Records from Initiative Archive

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Merging Records from Initiative Archive
Merging Records from Initiative Archive
Location Voeld

Merging Records from Initiative Archive is one of the forward station terminal entries located on Voeld.

Text[edit | edit source]

—Forward Station Network expanded—
Conflict: ongoing geological mismatch
Expanding data collation to Initiative Archive

To: Initiative Director Jien Garson

Subject: The framing of Habitat 6 in public-facing materials

Dear Ms. Garson:

I have some thoughts about our current plans to present Habitat 6 as a "seaside paradise." A quick, unscientific poll of my department revealed that most already see Habitat 6 as a lively beach resort. An Ibiza or Mykonos. White sands, beach parties, umbrella drinks. That's a vacation, not a place to live and breathe, to raise children.

Since the surveyors' report suggests a temperate climate—more Cape Cod than Aruba—my team is proposing a lateral shift in thinking. Let's move to family picnics, sand castles, cottages, golden retrievers.

"Bliss by the ocean."

Comments welcome.

-Stefan Seto, Lead Media Research, Initiative Department of Recruitment

—More data needed—
Additional forward station coordination required


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