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Memory Triggers are a plot device found during gameplay related to the mission Ryder Family Secrets. They are found in fixed locations on most of the explorable planets.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Before his death, Alec Ryder locked six of SAM's memory arrays. Memory triggers are eidetic triggers that help unlock those arrays. Ryder's SAM implant allows Ryder to experience the unlocked memories.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The 16 memory triggers can be collected in any order. The order in which Alec Ryder's memories are unlocked is fixed. It only takes one trigger to unlock the first memory (the easiest way to do this is to collect the trigger in Ryder's Room). Each additional memory requires 3 additional triggers. Unlocking memories will also unlock encrypted logs in the Archive System.

Memory Trigger Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Detailed
Hyperion Ryder's Room Ryder's Room after speaking with SAM (during A Better Beginning).
Elaaden Languish Northwest of New Tuchanka on top of a cliff.
Elaaden Languish West of New Tuchanka is inside a cave.
Elaaden Gehenna Valley Southwest of New Tuchanka next to two trees.
Eos Site 1: Promise On the edge of a cliff to the southwest of Site 1: Promise overlooking Site 1.
Eos The Sheartop On a cliff northeast of the Forward station in The Sheartop.
Eos Prodromos In Prodromos, beside August Bradley.
Havarl Turian Camp Southwest of the Turian Camp.
Havarl Mithrava At the top of Mithrava (during A Dying Planet).
Havarl Buried Cave In the area with the third, underground monolith (during A Dying Planet).
Kadara Ditaeon Just south of the Ditaeon outpost.
Kadara Sulfur Springs On a cliff east from the Western Monolith. Directly south of the Ditaeon outpost.
Kadara Kurinth's Valley Next to an acid pool in Kurinth's Valley region.
Voeld On a cliff southwest of Hjara Station.
Voeld On a cliff northwest of the Taerve Uni outpost.
Voeld West of Techiix. On a rocky outcrop near a kett camp.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Memory triggers can be found during the normal course of gameplay and it isn't required to go very far off the beaten path to find them. Each is clearly marked with a navpoint so they are easy to find.

Gallery[edit | edit source]