M-90 Indra X

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M-90 Indra X
M-90 Indra X
Blueprint Rarity Rare
Item Rarity Rare
Type Sniper rifle
Firing Mode Automatic
Damage Damage Icon.png 76
Rate of fire Rate of Fire Icon.png 500
Max clip size Max Clip Size Icon.png 25
Max ammo Max Ammo Icon.png 219
Accuracy Accuracy Icon.png 76
Weight Weight Icon.png 23
Blueprint Source Milky Way
Research Data 260
Icon SR Rare.png
Development Materials Omni-Gel Canister
Element Zero
Augmentation Slots 3

The M-90 Indra X is a sniper rifle.

Description[edit | edit source]

An automatic sniper rifle with a rapid fire-rate and a large capacity to compensate for its limited scope. The Indra was still in an early design phase when the Andromeda Initiative acquired its schematics. Initiative engineers completed the design and manufactured a number of functional prototypes.

Blueprint[edit | edit source]

The blueprint for M-90 Indra X requires the following to unlock:

The following resources are needed to develop this item:

This item has 3 augmentation slots available during development.

Upgrade series[edit | edit source]