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Loot box

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All loot boxes.png

Loot boxes are Pathfinder rewards for completing strike team missions. They can be claimed through the Strike Team Console on the Tempest or in the Militia Office on the Nexus.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Loot boxes are listed by type and difficulty of mission, except for Research Data loot boxes, which are stacked as a single item. As with resource inventory, the quantity in the stack is shown in parentheses.

  • There is a limit of two hundred loot boxes. A message will pop up when that limit has been reached, warning Ryder to collect rewards before debriefing another strike team mission.
  • Rewards can only be collected in singleplayer mode.
  • Loot boxes can be claimed individually with Claim Rewards or all of the currently available loot boxes can be opened at once with Claim All Rewards.
    • Individually opening a loot box with Claim Rewards will show an on-screen image of the reward obtained. Quantities of resources or credits are not shown.
    • Opening multiple loot boxes with Claim All Rewards will pop up a message about multiple rewards being collected; no images of items are shown.
    • On exiting the Strike Teams menu, all rewards will be displayed, scrolling up the left side of the screen. Quantities are given here.
  • If the Ears to the Ground perk is active, items awarded will be shown instead of the contents of the Material Loot Box. The material will be shown in the scroll after exiting the Strike Teams menu.

It is important to understand that strike teams belong to an overall account, not a specific Ryder.

  • Any Ryder linked to the overall account can command the teams or redeem the rewards, as long as they have been authorized via this mission.
  • The overall account is limited to six strike teams and two hundred loot boxes.
  • While the teams and loot boxes are limited because they are all tied together, this also means one Ryder can send out the teams and a different Ryder can claim the rewards. This is an excellent strategy to transfer a large amount of rewards from a veteran Ryder to a brand new Ryder. This gives the new Ryder an edge at the beginning of the game when levels are low and credits, resources, research data, and items not normally available can be acquired from loot boxes.

Credit Loot Box[edit | edit source]

Credit loot boxes are rewards for successful completion of standard strike team missions. Each box contains credits found during the mission. The amount is variable, with the average increasing slightly as Ryder levels up.

Item Loot Box[edit | edit source]

Item loot boxes are rewards for successful completion of APEX strike team missions. Each box contains an item recovered during the mission. The rarity of the item depends on the difficulty of the mission; the tier depends on Ryder's level.

Material Loot Box[edit | edit source]

Material loot boxes are rewards for successful completion of standard strike team missions. Each box contains resources discovered during the mission. The contents depend on the difficulty of the mission.

Research Data Loot Box[edit | edit source]

Research data loot boxes are rewards for successful completion of APEX strike team missions. Each box contains 30 Research Data points for one technology, randomly selected. Research data loot boxes are tagged as Bronze loot boxes Icon Bronze Strike Team Loot.png regardless of mission difficulty.

Icons[edit | edit source]

Loot boxes are represented by color-coded icons like other items found during gameplay.

  • Icon Bronze Strike Team Loot.png - Bronze
  • Icon Silver Strike Team Loot.png - Silver
  • Icon Gold Strike Team Loot.png - Gold

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Ears to the Ground cryo pod perk gives a chance for a weapon or armor reward when opening a Material Loot Box. The item tier depends on Ryder's level when opening the box and matches the availability of found items. Materials will also be received, but the type and amount won't be displayed in the Rewards collection window.

There are no platinum-level loot boxes; gold-level boxes are awarded for successful platinum APEX missions.