Long-range Comet Studies

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Long-range Comet Studies
Long-range Comet Studies
Location Atrium, Port Meridian

Long-range Comet Studies is one of the terminal entries located in the Atrium at Port Meridian.

Text[edit | edit source]

Reporting: Technician Dacy Sturges
Subject: Persistent celestial events

As we wake more specialists and focus on traditional astronomical studies, we're tracking several unique phenomena through the cluster. The Scourge continues to mask long-range mapping, but, in this case, it's actually helped. We're tracking a group of comets with peculiar mass signatures, suggesting they are exceptionally high in pure precious ores. In fact, Alphonse has nicknamed them "The Precious Few." We don't have many ships with the speed to approach, but observations would be valuable in every sense.

- Comet Jim Dandy

- Comet Dawnstar

- Comet Talula

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