Logs of Kett TOC Surveillance

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Logs of Kett TOC Surveillance
Logs of Kett TOC Surveillance
Location Angaran Resistance Base, Voeld

Logs of Kett TOC Surveillance is one of the datapads found in the Angaran Resistance Base on Voeld.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:

To: Commander Do Xeel
From: Intelligence Officer Kaas

Transcripts, as requested.

[1103] Beniska: Stars, Tseek! Look!
[1103] Tseek: I told you, I'm not interested in your collect—
[1103] Beniska: (loudly) No, the kett base!
[1104] Tseek: Skkut, that's a big ship.
[1104] Beniska: Are those—
[1104] Tseek: Looks like fighter aircraft. They're bringing in more troops, bigger guns.
[1104] Beniska: That's not... good.
[1104] Tseek: I'm going to Kaas. Keep watching. Log everything.

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