Log: Supply situation

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Log: Supply situation
Log: Supply situation
Location Eos

Log: Supply situation is one of the terminal entries located in Site 1: Promise on Eos.

Text[edit | edit source]

Login: Technician Kay Farthingale

They divided the rations again. Tonight's menu: soup with a couple crackers each. Hope we're not too hungry to prop up the south buildng tomorrow, but there's nothing else for it. Can't forage because the weather's deadly, can't grow crops in those winds, and the Nexus can't feed us and themselves...

No. Don't think about it. There's talk going around of getting back to the Nexus, but if we can't find an answer, who can? We dared to put our bootprints here. We were first! Me and Theo promised to stick it out, even if we end up being the last.


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