Log: Site 2 Work Crews

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Log: Site 2 Work Crews
Log: Site 2 Work Crews
Location Site 1, Eos

Log: Site 2 Work Crews is one of the datapads found at Site 1: Promise on Eos. It is one trigger for The Secret Project. If The Secret Project was triggered by visiting Site 2: Resilience, this datapad will not be active and can't be read.

Text[edit | edit source]

Login: Chief Engineer Grace Lito

My radiation shields are dead, but I finally made it to Site 1. Promise is a ghost town. Damn it, there's got to be something the storms and rat-pack salvagers didn't take away.

Without the project, Site 2 is done for. Our crews get torn apart faster than we can patch things up. And we hear that thing at night—can't pretend it's the weather any more. Wind doesn't roar like it's hungry.

Update: Managed to pry enough components out for the project and patch up my shields. I'm heading home to Site 2. If it's still there.


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