Log: New Designs, Departures

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Log: New Designs, Departures
Log: New Designs, Departures
Location Eos

Log: New Designs, Departures is one of the datapads found on Eos in Site 1.

Text[edit | edit source]

Login: Senior Foreman Adriano Fonesca

Tried out the new pin design on the shelters today. Only time will tell if they actually hold together when the next storm rolls over. At least it should be easier to find the pieces this time?

Shorty's pitching for an evac back to the Nexus. "Too many kett, not enough water, no hope," he says. "I'd rather sell supplies and sleep on the deck than lie awake listening to the storms one more night." Can't say I disagree. Losing three of my guys to the kett made me wonder about leaving too. But I asked him what I ask myself: what's back on the Nexus for pioneers? Isn't Eos what we signed on for?

It has to be.


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