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The loadout screen.

Loadout terminals allow players to change or modify their active weapons and mods, armor, consumables, choose squadmates, and customize the ND1 Nomad's look. A terminal is shown when deploying on a mission. It can also be accessed at a forward station or in the Tempest's Airlock just off the Bridge. The loadout screen will not be shown when arriving at the Nexus or landing on Aya, Kadara, or Meridian. It will be displayed when leaving Kadara Port for the Kadara Slums. Besides the normal locations for loadout terminals, there are a few missions and locations that have a Loadout terminal. These are marked with Loadout Map Icon.png.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons screen

The loadout window allows for the equipping of a melee weapon and 2 firearms by default. Additional weapon slots can be unlocked through the Combat Fitness skill at ranks 3 and 5.

Weapon weight[edit | edit source]

Total weapon weight is affected by the number and type of weapons chosen at the Loadout terminal.

Melee weapons are weightless but each firearm adds more weight.

If Ryder carries too much weight, power recharge times are affected.

Certain skills can increase overall weight capacity:

  • APEX Training 1 - Weapon Training Icon.png APEX Training - Ranks 3 & 6B
  • Auxiliary Systems 1 - Duration Icon.png Auxiliary Systems - Rank 4A
  • Barrier 1 Icon.png Barrier - Rank 5B
  • Barrier 1 Icon.png Barrier (multiplayer) - Rank 5A
  • Bioelectric Defense 1 - Health & Shields Icon.png Bioelectric Defense - Rank 5A
  • Combat Fitness 1 - Health Icon.png Combat Fitness - Ranks 3 & 5A
  • Munitions Training 1 - Weapon Training Icon.png Munitions Training - Ranks 3 & 4B
  • Offensive Biotics 1 Icon.png Offensive Biotics (multiplayer) - Rank 5B
  • Offensive Tech 1 - Damage Icon.png Offensive Tech (multiplayer) - Rank 6B
  • Rage 1 Icon.png Rage - Rank 2
  • Remnant Armor 1 - Experimental Armor Icon.png Remnant Armor (multiplayer) - Rank 4B
  • Tech Armor 1 - Protection Icon.png Tech Armor - Rank 4B
  • APEX Training 1 - Weapon Training Icon.png Weapon Training - Ranks 3 & 6B
  • Certain skills can reduce the weight of guns:

    Certain mods can reduce the weight of guns:

    Certain mods can increase the weight of guns:

    Certain armor can reduce the weight of guns:

    Weapon weight mechanics[edit | edit source]

    Positive Power Recharge Speed
    Negative Power Recharge Speed

    Weapon weight percentage ranges from 100% to -100%. Each 1 percent can be considered a “weight point”. So if a weapon weighs 43 – that’s 43 weight points or 43%.

    30 weight points is the base level weight capacity with no weight modifiers in place. Using Tier I Initiative Armor, no skill points spent, and the Soldier profile would be a good example.

    The full base range of weight points is 130. That is 30 weight points in the blue zone and 100 weight points in the red zone.

    • A Pathfinder Deep Impact I weighs 30 and power recharge speed is 100% blue.
    • A Raptor V weighs 31 and shows power recharge speed as red with -1%.
    • -100% red is the highest the weight number can go. Equipping four Widow I's has the most weight possible and the -100% is reached with only three Widows. The fourth does nothing.
    • Auxiliary Systems, Barrier, and Combat Fitness are weight points and not percentage increases. A +40% increase from Auxiliary Systems is actually 40 points of increase to the base level. The base level of 30 goes up to 70. This is not 40% of the base level of 30 or an increase of only 12 points.
    • All of the weapons-based skills such as Pistols or Assault Rifles are percentage-based reductions. A Soned I that weight 60 weight points is only reduced to 48 points using the -25% weapon weight from the Assault Rifles skill.
      • All of weapons-based skills are inaccurate for percentage reductions. Each number is lower than it should be. 25% actually shows up as 20%.
    • Mods that increase or decrease weight are all percentage-based reductions. A Widow I that weight 65 weight points will only be reduced to 58 points by using a -11% mod.
      • Depending upon the exact mod and weapon, some mods are close to the stated benefits/penalties, some are slightly lower or higher, and a few are not even close to the stated value.
    • The Scavenger Set of armor pieces are percentage-based reductions. Each piece is slightly below the stated value separately. If both armor pieces are combined, instead of the stated 25% reduction (10% + 15%), it is only 20%.

    For a detailed investigation of weapon weight mechanics, see Weapon Weight Strategy.

    Weapon weight functions in the same fashion in multiplayer as in singleplayer.

    Weapon weight recommendations[edit | edit source]

    Due to the amount of customization possible, there are many combinations of weapons and skills possible. There are some guidelines that can be helpful for weapon weight:

    • The best strategy for carrying the most heavy weapons into combat and still retaining +100% power recharge speed is to purchase Auxiliary Systems 4A and Combat Fitness 3 & 5A. This is a 90 point increase to the base weapon weight level. Adding Barrier 5B increases this to a total of 100 points of extra weight capacity.
    • The weapon-based skill weight reductions aren't worth the skill points. The percentage reductions are lower than they should be and only the most heavy weapons see any measurable amount of weight reduction.
    • Mods that reduce weight aren't worth the mod slot. Reductions are low even on the heaviest of weapons and it ties up a spot that could be used for a better mod.
    • The Scavenger Set of armor pieces isn't worth using for weight reduction. Like weapon-based skills, the armor pieces are percentage-based and only reduce the heaviest weapons a small amount. It would be better to pick more effective armor than use Scavenger armor for weight reduction.
    • As levels increase and weapon weights decrease on their own, weapon weight becomes much less of an issue. Weapons at Tier X weigh half as much weapons at Tier I. Even the most heavy weapons will be much lighter without having to spend any skill points or use any mods.

    It is possible with Auxiliary Systems, Barrier, and Combat Fitness to carry four Tier X Soned's at the same time (which is one of the heaviest weapons in the game) and still be at +100% power recharge speed.

    Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

    Weapon weight in multiplayer is much less of an issue. Weapon loadout is restricted to two weapons maximum and skills are fixed to each character kit. Even characters that have low weight capacities can choose to carry a single weapon and resupply ammunition as needed as supply caches are plentiful and restock after each wave. The only benefit to increased weight capacity is for gameplay styles where skills and weapons are combined to greater effect but this is not required.

    Mods[edit | edit source]

    Mods screen

    Most guns can be outfitted with various mods to make them more powerful or specialized. Only one mod of a given type can be installed on a gun. For instance, two barrels can't be equipped on the same gun.

    Armor[edit | edit source]

    Armor screen

    Helmets, chest, legs, and arms can be equipped in this window. Chestplates can be socketed with fusion mods.

    To customize the armor's colors and patterns, use the Wardrobe in the Pathfinder's Quarters on the Tempest. To choose when the helmet is shown, see the Settings menu.

    Consumables[edit | edit source]

    Consumables screen

    The loadout window allows for the equipping of 2 consumables by default. Additional consumable slots can be unlocked through the cryo pod perks Always Prepared and Versatility.

    Squad[edit | edit source]

    Squad screen

    Two squad members can be selected. Some missions require a certain squadmate, so sometimes one will be locked in.

    Nomad customization[edit | edit source]

    Nomad Customization screen

    The Nomad's paint job can be customized in this window. Paint job selections are available on the left and can be previewed on the Nomad.

    Notes[edit | edit source]

    It is also possible to change certain equipable items using Item Pickup menu without having to be at a loadout terminal. This method has the advantage of being able to change armor, weapons, and consumables in the field but has limitations on what can be changed.

    Detailed information about weapon weight capacity can be tracked on the General Stats tab in the statistics menu.