Little Mouse

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Little Mouse
Little Mouse
Location Elaaden

Little Mouse is the name of six Datapads located on Elaaden. They are related to Task: Little Mouse.

Datapad 1[edit | edit source]

Little Mouse (1).png

Stumbled on a small roaming gang today. Mentioned they were headed to watch "Little Mouse" work his magic. Said he's the chosen one to lead us all to glory, that if you give him a gift, he protects you from the heat. You can bet I took note of that—this Little Mouse has a tidy pile of goodies in his camp. Think I'll follow this bunch of idiots and see how this plays out.

Datapad 2[edit | edit source]

Little Mouse (2).png

Followed the gang to a small camp. Only a couple dozen people. There was a guy standing on a crate, barely more than a kid. They called him Little Mouse. He talked about freedom and safety, and the group hung onto his every word. Sounded like garbage to me. But I was right—this kid's camp is a jackpot. I'm sending word to the boys. We'll be set for months.

Datapad 3[edit | edit source]

Little Mouse (3).png

Been in Little Mouse's camp for three days now. It's the same pattern every day: a stream of rubes give him gifts—tech, food, even water—and he bestows them with his "wisdom". I got to hand it to this kid. He has a solid scam running. It's almost a shame to ruin it, but the plan goes on. We act tonight.

Datapad 4[edit | edit source]

Little Mouse (4).png

I waited 'til the kid's followers were asleep, then rounded up whatever loot I thought was useful. I was halfway out of the camp when I saw Little Mouse staring at me. He didn't try to stop me. Didn't even move. He just said, "He who steals from the chosen one carries a curse." Then he let me run out of his camp with half his stock. Idiot. Meeting up with my gang tonight—they'll lose their minds when they see what I brought them.

Datapad 5[edit | edit source]

Little Mouse (5).png

I reached the meeting point where I was supposed to link up with my gang. They were dead—every one of them. I ran when I heard a shot fired in the distance. Was it Little Mouse? Did his cronies come for their loot? Or did that kid do something to me after all?

Datapad 6[edit | edit source]

Little Mouse (6).png

Been on the run for two weeks. Every time I stop somewhere to rest, tragedy finds me. First my crawler died. Then the worm nearly tore me apart. Last night, I was almost skinned alive by Ataxia's gang. I can't stay anywhere more than a few hours. Is it true? Did Little Mouse really curse me? I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm escaping to the only place I know he and his people can't find me. Wish me luck.

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