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Codex[edit | edit source]

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Ark Leusinia is the Andromeda Initiative's designated ark for transporting asari colonists to Andromeda. Constructed in orbit around Piares in the asari home system Parnitha, Ark Leusinia is named after a kingdom of wealth and learning in asari mythology. She is built to the same specifications as her sister ark Hyperion, with internal modifications to accommodate asari social preferences, and captained by Elonis Atandra.

The Andromeda Initiative was initially rejected as a human-driven boondoggle by many asari investors, and the construction of the Leusinia was met with ridicule. However, the efforts drew the attention of several Matriarchs who had assisted in previous attempts to send crewed missions to Andromeda, and their impassioned extranet addresses helped turn the tide of public opinion. At her departure ceremony, Ark Leusinia was officially blessed by the Atamna Politeia, an organization of siarist high priestesses from across the Asari Republics.

Ark Leusinia traveled to the Initiative rendezvous point in 2184, and left the Milky Way as part of the initial departure wave in 2185.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Atrium
  • Deck Twelve
  • Fire Control
  • Hangar Control
  • Living Quarters
  • Observation Deck
  • Tram

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Leusinia is related to the following missions:

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