Launa T'Saphra

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Launa T'Saphra
Launa T'Saphra
Species Asari
Location Cultural Center, Nexus

Launa T'Saphra is an asari character. She is the Chief of Staff of the Cultural Exchange Center on the Nexus. She can be overheard discussing gender pronouns with the angaran ambassador, Isa de Navar.

Background[edit | edit source]

Launa says of herself:
“I was a sociologist in the Milky Way. While there were plenty of cultures to study, the books on them had all been written. There was nothing new I could add. So when I heard about the Initiative, I signed up right away. The idea of meeting new people—seeing how they've evolved, adapted to life's challenges. I couldn't resist.”

Missions[edit | edit source]

Launa T'Saphra is involved with the following mission:

Gallery[edit | edit source]