L-89 Halberd I

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L-89 Halberd I
L-89 Halberd I
Blueprint Rarity N/A
Item Rarity Rare
Type Assault rifle
Firing Mode Semi-automatic
Damage Damage Icon.png 103
Rate of fire Rate of Fire Icon.png 300
Max clip size Max Clip Size Icon.png 17
Max ammo Max Ammo Icon.png 97
Accuracy Accuracy Icon.png 111
Weight Weight Icon.png 25
Blueprint Source Milky Way
Icon AR Rare.png
Augmentation Slots 0

The L-89 Halberd I is an assault rifle.

Description[edit | edit source]

The sleek L-89 Halberd favors power and precision. The semi-automatic rifle was the Andromeda Initiative's attempt to make a weapon on par with the reliable M-96 Mattock that also used Initiative breakthroughs in materials science. Only a few were made, but their effectiveness in the field is unquestioned.

Merchants[edit | edit source]

The L-89 Halberd is only available to purchase from the Arms Dealer or Relia Ythos in the Kadara Market on Kadara. There is only one tier available as the L-89 Halberd I.

Blueprint[edit | edit source]

There are no blueprints available for the L-89 Halberd.

While this weapon can't be researched or developed, purchasing the rifle and deconstructing it will reveal what materials would have been used to create it.

The following resources are given for deconstructing this item:

Upgrade series[edit | edit source]