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Krogan Mercenary

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Krogan Mercenary
Krogan Mercenary
Rarity Rare
Health Health Icon.png 700
Shield Shield Icon.png 300
Skills Flamethrower 1 Icon.png Flamethrower
Fortify 1 Icon.png Fortify
Flak Cannon 1 Icon.png Flak Cannon
Munitions Training 1 - Weapon Training Icon.png Munitions Training
Rage 1 Icon.png Rage
Veteran Bonus
Bonus Stat All Power Recharge Speeds Bonus Stat Icon.png All Power Recharge Speeds
Melee Headbutt
Slow-moving tank with all the heavy weapons and armor a fighter could want.

Krogan Mercenary is one of the character kits.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Can the Krogan Mercenary kill it? Will it be glorious? Excellent. He'll buy the first round of ryncol when the battle is over.