Krogan Hammer I

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Krogan Hammer I
Krogan Hammer I
Blueprint Rarity Rare
Item Rarity Rare
Type Melee weapon
Melee Damage 400
Weight 0
Special Knock back on successful strike
Blueprint Source Milky Way
Research Data 125
Icon Melee Rare.png
Development Materials Omni-Gel Canister
Element Zero
Augmentation Slots 0

The Krogan Hammer I is a melee weapon. A successful strike with this weapon knocks back an enemy with great force.

Description[edit | edit source]

A brutal weapon, the incredible force of this mechanized hammer is enhanced by precision pistons and mass effect fields. Such hammers are commonly used by elder krogan warlords, though this particular model has been modified for especially strong humans or young krogan.

Blueprint[edit | edit source]

The blueprint for Krogan Hammer I requires the following to unlock:

  • 125 Milky Way RD

The following resources are needed to develop this item:

This item has no augmentation slots available during development.

Upgrade series[edit | edit source]