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A krogan in the EA Play 2016 trailer.
A krogan in the EA Play 2016 trailer.

The krogan are a Milky Way species. Native to the planet Tuchanka, a world known for it's harsh environment, limited resources, and vicious predators, the krogan are the galaxy's hardiest survivors. Evolving under such trying conditions made the krogan almost unkillable with a thirst for battle and expansion that almost brought the galaxy to its knees.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Physically, the krogan are nigh-indestructible, with a tough hide impervious to any melee weapon short of a molecular blade. While they feel pain, it does not affect their ability to concentrate. They have multiple functioning examples of all major organs, and can often survive the loss of one or two of any type. Rather than a nervous system, they have an electrically conductive second circulatory system. A krogan can never be paralyzed--they may lose some of this fluid, but it can be replaced by the body in time. This physiology also makes them capable of living extremely long, with lifespans in the thousands of years comparable only to asari.

The hump on a krogan's back stores water and fats that help the krogan survive lean times. Large humps are a point of pride; being well-fed implies the krogan is a superior predator.

The most widely-known biological feature of the krogan is their incredible birth rate and rapid maturity. Once freed from the hostile cauldron of Tuchanka, the krogan population swelled into a numberless horde. Only the genophage kept them from out-breeding the combined Council races. Now the rare krogan females capable of bringing a child to term are treated like strategic resources; warlords will trade them at diplomacy or (more frequently) fight wars over them.

History and culture[edit | edit source]

The harsh krogan homeworld conditioned the krogan psychology for toughness just as it did the body. Krogan have always had a tendency to be selfish, unsympathetic, and blunt.

Krogans appeared on the galactic stage through the machinations of the salarians. In 80 CE (common era) the galaxy was embroiled in a bitter war against the rachni. Unable to efficiently exterminate the insectoid race, the salarians chose to uplift the krogan with gifts of technology and aid. The salarians knew krogan biology would allow them fight on the toxic environments of the rachni homeworlds and exterminate their queens thus winning the war.

The salarian solution worked too well. Without Tuchanka's hostile environment to check them, combined with enough resources and the krogan's naturally high birth rate, their numbers exploded. The krogan sought more and more territory and began to take what wasn't theirs angering the Council and sparking a war. Now all the traits the Council praised in the extermination of the rachni were turned against them. The Krogan were able to outbreed and outfight their former allies necessitating drastic solutions.

The Genophage was a bioweapon designed by the salarians and weaponized by the turians. The Genophage does not render krogan males sterile, rather it makes only 1 in 1000 pregnancies viable. The Genophage all but wiped out the krogan making them the bitter enemies of both turian and salarian alike.

In 2186 CE, salarian scientist Mordin Solus developed a cure for the Genophage.

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