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The Key Bindings menu.

The Key Bindings menu allows the customization of keyboard and mouse controls for the PC platform and changing of preferences.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Key Bindings menu can be directly accessed from the Controls submenu in the Settings submenu in the Game menu.

This menu is only available to the PC platform. The PC platform has the greatest possible customization of controls. The PC can use the keyboard, mouse, and/or Xbox style controller.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

There are 4 tabs: On Foot, Nomad, Galaxy Map, and UI. Each action can have a primary and a secondary key binding. Most actions do not have default secondary bindings. Default key bindings can be changed by highlighting the bindings and pressing [SPACE] or clicking the left mouse button. Bindings can be cleared by pressing [X]. Use the left and right arrow keys to switch between primary and secondary bindings. Pressing [V] resets all key bindings to the default.

On Foot[edit | edit source]

On Foot tab
Action Primary Secondary
Forward W
Back S
Left A
Right D
Evade Middle Mouse Button
Mantle L Ctrl
Sprint L Shift
Melee F
Interact E
Reload R
Fire Weapon Left Mouse Button
Tight Aim Right Mouse Button
Previous Weapon Wheel Up
Next Weapon Wheel Down
Last Weapon (unbound)
Weapon Wheel Tab
Power 1 1
Power 2 2
Power 3 3
WEAPON 1 L Ctrl+1
WEAPON 2 L Ctrl+2
WEAPON 3 L Ctrl+3
WEAPON 4 L Ctrl+4
Cobra RPG (MP) 4
Revive Pack (MP) 6
Ammo Pack (MP) 5
First Aid (MP) 7
Holster Weapon V
Left Squadmate Orders Z
Right Squadmate Orders C
Both Squadmate Orders X
Scanner G
Scanner Execute Left Mouse Button
Camera Swap/Recenter L Alt
Look at POI L Alt
Narrative Action Right Mouse Button
Skip Conversation Line SPACE
Walk L Ctrl
Mission Tracker Y
Codex 0
Game Menu H
Inventory I
Journal J
Map M
Profiles P
Skills U
Display Current Objective Q
Push To Talk [MP] RAlt
Scoreboard [MP] ESC
Look Up Up Arrow
Look Down Down Arrow
Look Left Left Arrow
Look Right Right Arrow
Dialogue: Upper-Right Option 9 Num 9
Dialogue: Center-Right Option 6 Num 6
Dialogue: Lower-Right Option 3 Num 3
Dialogue: Upper-Left Option 7 Num 7
Dialogue: Center-Left Option 4 Num 4
Dialogue: Lower-Left Option 1 Num 1

Nomad[edit | edit source]

Nomad tab
Action Primary Secondary
Accelerate W
Brake / Reverse S
Steer Left A
Steer Right D
Boost L Shift
Handbrake F
Agility Mode Z
Toggle All-Terrain Mode Right Mouse Button
Headlights B
Exit Nomad E
Return to Tempest T
Mining Drone R
Mining Computer G
Look Up Up Arrow
Look Down Down Arrow
Look Left Left Arrow
Look Right Right Arrow

Galaxy Map[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Map tab
Action Primary Secondary
Galaxy Map Interact Left Mouse Button
Galaxy Map Switch View SPACE
Galaxy Map Active Scanner Right Mouse Button
Galaxy Map Toggle Display Tab
Galaxy Deploy Probe Left Mouse Button
Galaxy Map Exit Navigation T
Galaxy Map Look Up Up Arrow
Galaxy Map Look Down Down Arrow
Galaxy Map Look Left Left Arrow
Galaxy Map Look Right Right Arrow

UI[edit | edit source]

UI tab
Action Primary Secondary
Navigate Up W Up Arrow
Navigate Down S Down Arrow
Navigate Left A Left Arrow
Navigate Right D Right Arrow
Menu Tab Left Q
Menu Tab Right E
Menu Accept SPACE
Menu Confirm Enter
Menu Cancel Esc
Menu Close Tab
Menu Rotate Left R
Menu Rotate Right T
Menu Scroll Up Page Up
Menu Scroll Down Page Down
Menu Scroll Left Insert
Menu Scroll Right Home
Menu Compare Page Down
Menu Miscellaneous 1 Backspace
Menu Miscellaneous 2 V
Menu Miscellaneous 3 X
Menu Player Ready (MP) Enter
Menu Filter (MP) C
World Map Pan Up W
World Map Pan Down S
World Map Pan Left A
World Map Pan Right D
World Map Zoom In =
World Map Zoom Out -
World Map Center C
World Map Floor Up Page Up
World Map Floor Down Page Down
Message Box OK SPACE Enter
Message Box Cancel Esc
Message Box Scroll Up Up Arrow
Message Box Scroll Down Down Arrow
Message Box Miscellaneous 1 V
Message Box Miscellaneous 2 X