Kett: Secret Intelligence

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Codex[edit | edit source]

Provided by Dr. Medrow Aden, these notes had three layers of encryption. I have endeavored to fill in any transcription errors.

"Kett home space is vast. Charts I downloaded showed so many worlds in the "heartlands" alone—centered on their home planet, Sarhesen. Some [term unclear: possibly event/disaster] happened there? No details, definitely a touchy subject.

"Twenty-one ancestral lineages from 'pure' ancient kett. (Any still alive?) Heads of ancestral lineages lead their society. A eugenocracy?

"At least a dozen vassal species. Only got details on a few. The eealen—exalted past viable population, now nomads who document and share knowledge. The thusali—once worshipped the Remnant. Engineers exalted for Remnant expertise. The sirinde—[term unclear: possibly translates as "eat their dead with reverence"]—genetically poisoned themselves to stop exaltation, now dependent on kett neuroscience to survive.

"All proves one thing: we were right. Fight the kett head on; those might be our fate."

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