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Kett are an Andromedan species, first seen in Mass Effect: Andromeda. They are brutal conquerors from an unknown area of Andromeda beyond the borders of the Heleus Cluster. Seemingly genderless, they prize physical supremacy and genetic dominance, assimilating conquered peoples. The kett believe their species is superior to all others, and as such, the conquered have two fates: either become Exalted, altered on a genetic level to become kett, or enslaved for the glory of the empire.

Physically, kett are taller and leaner than humans, walking in a digitigrade fashion. They have clouded eyes and no apparent lower jaw, with their head crowned by a large translucent dome. Their most distinctive feature is the osseous armor that covers their bodies. Speaking of bones: Kett have 332 bones in the body and double the amount of tastebuds compared to the average human.

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Codex[edit | edit source]

According to Nexus officials, the aliens encountered on Habitat 7 are known as the kett, a species that has proven hostile in every reported encounter. Little is known about them or their motives. The kett posses technology and weapons at least on par with the Initiative's and have been responsible for the death or capture of many Initiative personnel.

The only commonality is that the kett have a clear interest in the strange structures and technology seen on Habitat 7 and, as we now know, on several worlds in the Heleus Cluster. Scouts and prospecting teams trying to investigate this technology are invariably attacked by the kett, who take any scans or research materials by force. Why the kett have such an interest in this technology is unknown, but the Nexus has issued warning bulletins to all off-station teams to avoid these sites for their own safety.

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